Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flurry of Yarn and Crochet Needles

As promised, I'd like to show some crochet projects :)

This is a "newsboy" hat for my friend Christina's little girl, being born in March. I also made some little Mary-Jane booties to match with little black flowers :)

These were only my third attempt at making crochet "items" rather than blankets. It has really upped my confidence in my skills. Going back and forth in a line for a blanket is one thing. But actually forming something and it looking like a hat or shoe is something I wasn't sure I could do.

This was my first attempt at the newsboy hat. I really like the black sparkly yarn, but the pink yarn was really too big, and so it made this hat a bit large for the precious little girl I made it for.

My first ever attempt at booties of any kind. A special request from a dad that is a firefighter. He really wanted some that looked like fireman boots. I even managed to make little "pulls" at the top. I was pretty happy with how these turned out.

I have a large list of people and their babies that I want to make things for. Seems I will be a busy little flurry of yarn and crochet needles until the end of the summer! Orders and requests welcome, still, however!!! :):):)

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